The Rules

Our philosophy is simple: people should be able to have fun, and shouldn't have to worry about "the banhammer." At the same time, having fun means not having to deal with complete asshats. We're generally quite lenient, but if you're a constant problem, we will deal with it, and if that eventually requires a ban, so be it. In 6 years, with the exception of spambot accounts (which we of course ban on sight), we've permabanned a grand total of 3 people - so it doesn't happen often, but it DOES happen.

We have just 3 rules, although #1 is rather all-inclusive. Please note that violations of #2 and 3 are dealt with especially harshly - explanation is to the right.
1. Don't be an asshat or a nuisance.
2. Do not post porn, including hentai. (If we allowed this, we'd have to force members to be 18, which we don't want to do.)
3. Do not cheat in online games - you WILL be banned. (Cheating in single player games where your actions affect no one else is of course fine, and you're welcome to discuss how to do so on the forums.)

That's pretty much it.

Please note: The admins reserve the right to modify the rules and penalties if this becomes necessary in the future. In the event that this happens, we will post an announcement in the announcements forum informing everyone of what we change.

Privacy Policy

Forget the giant pile of legalese you usually see - our privacy policy is short and simple.

Your personal data may be used to help improve the site, find issues, detect and ban networks of spammers, figure out what features are popular, etc. In short, we can use it INTERNALLY for whatever we want to do. WE WILL NEVER SHARE NON-AGGREGATE DATA OUTSIDE OF CC UNLESS ONE OF BOTH OF THE FOLLOWING IS TRUE:
1. A valid court order requires us to reveal the information.
2. We have reason to believe that one or more lives depend on it.

Aggregate data (data that doesn't link to specific users, such as what percentage of of our users use a particular tool) MAY be shared with anyone, or publicly posted for the curious.

Please note that anything on a publicly accessible page is, obviously, not private data. Anyone can see your XP level at any time, for instance.