Welcome to the CC site!

We're a community of gamers that play a variety of games, and provide forums, tools, sites, and more. All of our stuff is free, and most of it is publicly available. Enjoy. :)

Stuff We Have

Community - Check out our forums, or join our chat (attached to the forums).

Guilds/Clans/Etc - We have groups in multiple games.

Guild/Clan hosting - Need a forum, a site or both? Want to offer everything this site does? Contact us on [this forum] and let us know what you need. Hosting is free.

People who realize games are there to have fun - We have no rigid hierarchy, no one barking orders, no mandatory... pretty much anything. We're here to have fun and help each other - it's that simple.

Stuff we'll have soon

Tools - We'll have a variety of tools for various games.

Guides/Sites/Etc. - We'll have info on several games.

RP Campaigns - We'll be running these out of chat rooms, with a few extra tools to help keep things running smoothly.